Cool S#*! We Did This Year

Happy end of the year. It’s hard to believe that Cloutier Ortega is now over two years old. This year we got to do some cool s#*! that I’d like to take some time to brag about.

  • We started the year helping a public company client acquire a Korean technology company. We helped negotiate and structure the deal which included a stock swap, multi-national intellectual property due diligence, and a technology distribution agreement. This was a small $6 million deal.

  • We sold a health care startup focused on in-home services to an out of state group with locations in California, Idaho, and Alaska. The founder walked away with over $2 million.

  • We prevented a hostile take-over of our client and diluted the shares of the bad guys to close to nothing.

  • We helped one client, in the commercial construction industry, develop a relationship with an overseas company and license out their intellectual property.

  • We helped settle several patent infringement cases. In one case we took on a large multi-state entity.

  • We found our first cannabis-focused clients this year. Helping one client stop its trademarks from being infringed. Helping another client secure angel funding, craft product development agreements, and do a full corporate clean up.

  • We helped two clients do licensing deals with two separate well-known foreign entities.

  • We helped a handful of clients spin their technology out of universities throughout the country.

  • Last month, it was all hands-on deck, for a $36 million acquisition. There were a few shaky moments when founders were ready to walk away. But, alas disaster was averted.

The work was fun. Hanging out with clients helping them plot global domination was more fun. Looking forward to the new challenges 2018 brings!


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