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Commercial Litigation

When you own a business, it isn’t just a job, it’s a part of your life. When someone attacks that life—you need someone to help you fight back.

Commercial Litigation

When you own a business, it isn’t just a job, it’s a part of your life. When someone attacks it, you need someone who knows how to fight back.

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Cloutier Arnold Ortega’s experienced trial team has been fighting for small business owners for many years, winning judgments and favorable settlements. We know what you're going through, and we can help.


Here are the sorts of problems we solve for our clients:


My supplier/buyer/ex-partner sued me. He says he owns my technology and trademarks. Can I prove my rights?

We know how to clear claims to intellectual property so that your work and financing can continue. Whenever possible, we also get the court to award money judgment to our clients.

I co-founded a business. Now it turns out that my partner lied to me. How do I get out of this mess?

In some cases, we’ll go to court to expel the fraudulent partner so that the business can proceed on a sound footing. If the business is beyond saving, we’ll litigate or negotiate for a fair buyout for our client.

My commercial tenants broke their lease, can I get them to pay up?

Sometimes the best answer is to evict them and sell the fixtures, sometimes to modify the lease short-term while you find a better tenant, sometimes something else entirely. We’ll find your best route.

My business partner never listens to me, and I think he’s stealing from the company. But he owns half of everything! What now?

The dreaded ‘business divorce’ is one of our specialties. You wouldn’t take abuse in your personal relationships, don’t accept it in business either. We will move quickly to protect the company’s assets in court and get the best distribution for you.

How do I make my insurance carrier pay my claim?

Our lawyers have successfully recovered money for clients under insurance bad-faith statutes, common-law breach of contract, or specialized regulations applicable to particular kinds of insurance.

Can I stop my bank from foreclosing on my business assets?

The right answer here may be a lawsuit, a workout and reorganization, a receivership, or even a Chapter 11.  Often, the defaulted loan is only the most recent effect of an underlying problem that must be solved. We have helped several businesses and business owners through these difficult transitions.  


Our litigation clients include farmers, tech startups, real estate developers, contractors, medical professionals, and manufacturers. Some are just starting out, others have been in business for decades. Whatever your problem, we have probably seen one just like it.


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