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Real Estate & Construction

Real Estate & Construction


At Cloutier Arnold Jacobowitz, our attorneys regularly review and negotiate commercial leases and other real-property related contracts, and litigate real property disputes, both commercial and residential. Our experience includes:

For Individuals

Legal problems that threaten the home strike right to the heart of an individual’s life.  

  • Foreclosure Defense.
    We have gone head to head with the largest banks and other financial institutions, in loan modification negotiations and in court, to prevent foreclosures and keep our clients in their homes.

  • Construction Contract Disputes.  
    We have had liens vacated, negotiated settlements, and recovered money for clients from crooked or just incompetent contractors.

  • Neighbor Disputes.
    We advise and if necessary go to court to protect clients from boundary disputes, harassment, trespass, and other problems.


For Companies

Even in a world of virtual workplaces, a company’s leases, water access, and other real property rights are crucial to operations.

  • Commercial Leases.
    We review, negotiate, and work out leases and subleases for lessors and lessees.

  • Condemnation.
    We have negotiated with Sound Transit to increase the payout when land is taken for a government project.

  • Quiet Title/Boundary Disputes/Trespass.
    We have negotiated favorable settlements for clients whose real property ownership was challenged.


For Developers & Contractors

When real property is your business, you have to get the documentation and rights lined up right every time.

  • Construction Contract Litigation.
    We go to court or arbitration for GCs and subs

  • Contract Review.
    We safeguard your interests. We’ve seen too many clients who regret it later when they don’t have a lawyer vet their Purchase and Sale Agreement, Financing Loan Agreement, Commercial Lease, or Construction Contract.

  • Commercial Lease Workout and Litigation.
    We negotiate with Lessors and Lessees and if necessary, sue.

  • Lender Disputes/Foreclosure Defense.
    We have negotiated and gone to court against the biggest banks and hard-money lenders when a project fails.

  • Condominium Declarant Rights.
    We have successfully defended developer declarant rights in court.

  • Partnership Litigation.
    We have successfully arbitrated and litigated cases of partner fraud, disloyalty, and freeze-out.

  • Breach of Purchase and Sale Agreement.
    We represent vendors or purchasers in many cases where the deal has gone sour.