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About CAO

Our Vision Is To Reinvent The Legal Services Industry With Servant Leadership As A Way To Drive Innovation, Collaboration And Prosperity.


Who We Are



Cloutier Arnold Jacobowitz provides high quality, cost-effective legal services, from boardroom to courtroom, for growth-oriented start-ups and emerging companies, along with established businesses.

Our Mission

To empower our clients to innovate and ignite change within their industries. We provide effective and comprehensive legal services to create a resilient framework for your enterprise.

Our Vision

Reinvent the legal services industry to drive innovation, collaboration, and prosperity. We listen to our clients and help them lead.

Our Approach

  • Cloutier Arnold Jacobowitz challenges expectations.
  • Our expertise and authentic investment in our clients’ passion establishes Cloutier Arnold Jacobowitz as a natural part of the in-house strategy team - not just an outside service provider.
  • We draw on years of experience with clients who operate at the forefront of their industries, consulting to fine-tune concepts, refine positioning, and ultimately create world-changing products.
  • Trust is the foundation of our client relationships. Trust comes from open communication and flexibility as business needs change. We act boldly to help you adapt and achieve your goals.
  • Our work will consistently demonstrate our passion for the success of our clients.
  • We say what needs to be said, when it needs to be said, the way it needs to be heard, to those who need to hear it.

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